A Taste Of Jamaica

Jamaican Products brings the best of Jamaica to you in Australia.



Jamaican Products sells authentic flavours of Jamaica in Australia. Our product range includes the popular jerk seasoning, sauces, spices, Ting and other beverages, ackee and some favourites, hair products, artworks by Jamaican artists and memorabilia.

We offer Australian chefs, restaurants, pubs, clubs, delis and butchers a range of food products to create something different and interesting for their customers' culinary adventure.

No time! Then our 'Take & Bake' range is for you. Suitable for any occasion our Made in Australia frozen Jamaican street food includes jerk seasoned chicken wings and hand crafted patties.

Our Christmas Treats

Enjoy these Jamaican Christmas time favourites!


Adding that unique Jamaican Scotch Bonnet taste to your favourite dish.


Key ingredient for Jamaican National Dish - Ackee and Salt Fish


Made in Jamaica Jamaican black castor oil by Jamaican Products Australia

Out of stock

Memorable carbonated grapefruit drink great with Jamaican spicy food.


A Jamaican favourite mild jerk seasoning paste




Hello! My name is Hope, I started Jamaican Products in 2005 as a way of sharing the best of Jamaica, land of my birth, with fellow Australians. I admired Australians’ desire to experience as many flavours as possible in their cuisine and realised how well placed Jamaican Products was to being that doorway for the Jamaican industry.

(That’s me dancing on the left from our annual Independence Celebrations)



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