Take & Bake

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Nothing like our Take & Bake range to maintain happy vibes during thesee challenging times. For Jamaicans, familiar flavours to please the family. For food lovers, an adventure. Just Take, Bake and Enjoy.

$40.00 incl. GST

Regular Jamaican patties (frozen), savoury filling in a flaky pastry, are suitable for any occasion, snack, lunch or dinner. Take, Bake and Enjoy.

$14.50 incl. GST

Frozen gourmet cocktail Jamaican patties, perfect appetizer or quick snack. Flaky pastry with savoury filling. Take, Bake and Enjoy!

$18.75 incl. GST

Jerk seasoned 1.6kg butterfly chicken is convenient size for family of 6 or 4 hungry men. Marinated in jerk seasoning imported from Jamaica at least 12 hours before freezing. Always have in freezer as an easy meal option or to serve unexpected guests.

$7.25$13.00 incl. GST

0.5kg pack contains 7-10 pieces wingetes and drumettes, convenient size for 2 people or 1 hungry man. Marinated at least 12 hours in imported Jamaican jerk seasoning before freezing. Simply Take, Bake or grill and eat as finger food or main meal.