Ackee & Salted Fish

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Ackee, saltfish and other Jamaican favourites such as bammy, Solomon Gundy, guava jelly and guava jam.

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Ackee is a key ingredient for Jamaica's national dish - Ackee and Saltfish.

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Key ingredient for the Jamaican National Dish - Ackee and Salt Fish


8 cocktail sized bammies per pack.


A Jamaican favourite.


Memories of Jamaican boarding school, crackers and guava jelly.


Solomon Gundy, a Jamaican red herring pate is served as appetizer.

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Salted fish, traditional called saltfish by Jamaicans, is an essential ingredient our national dish of ackee and saltfish'


Salted fish - with bones ingredient in Jamaican national dish 'ackee and saltfish'