Bamboo Rafting
Rafting on Rio grande

Jamaican Products was established in 2005 as a way of giving back to my homeland Jamaica. I planned to return and contribute to building the nation with knowledge gained from various scholarships. But life had other plans as I am now a diaspora residing in Australia.

Jamaican Products bring the flavours of Jamaica and the Caribbean to Australia. Our product range includes the well know jerk seasoning, spices, Ting and other beverages, hair products, artworks by Jamaican artists and memorabilia.

You have the opportunity to make customised orders if your favourite is not listed on the website.

On Jamaica Time? Then feel free to explore the blog and other pages on the Jamaican Products website. The information includes a brief history of the island, a community page, recipes and of course the products on offer. If you are Jamaican, or have visited the island, then enjoy the nostalgia. If not, here is your chance to explore and sample something a bit different.

If you have any comments, suggestions, information, or would like to write a guest blog, please feel free to Contact Us as we always welcome feedback.

Thank you for the visit.