Jamaica In Art

Jamaican Products is thrilled to deliver on our promise with this next blog series focusing on Jamaica In Art. The Jamaican Products collection features 9 exquisite pieces, each crafted in Jamaica by 7 talented Caribbean artists. In a series of upcoming blogs, we will delve into the unique stories behind each artist and their captivating creations.

The artists featured include Robert Campbell, Jackie Leyra, Albert Huie, Roy Stephenson, Shaun Reid, Lennox Coke, and Novelette Gonzales-Barnes.

Throughout this series, Jamaican Products will not showcase artworks directly in the blogs. Instead, Jamaican Products invites you to explore them on the relevant collection page. Sit back, enjoy the narratives, and leave a message letting Jamaican Products know if you share a connection with any of the places mentioned in Jamaica or beyond.

In this inaugural post, let us delve into the contributions of artists Jackie Leyra and Roy Stephenson.

Jackie Leyra

Jackie Leyra, a Caribbean artist originally from Cuba, brings a decade of artistic influence from her time living in Jamaica to her work. Known for her profound admiration of the serene beaches of the West Indies, Leyra’s art resonates deeply with the tranquil beauty of the Caribbean.

One of her standout pieces, “Beach,” captures the essence of a Jamaican shoreline with captivating detail. This painting transports viewers to an idyllic retreat where time stands still, enveloped by the sight of a coconut palm against a backdrop of sandy shores, expansive skies, and the endless sea.

Explore Jackie’s artwork “Beach” here: View “Beach” at: https://www.jamaicanproducts.com.au/product/beach-27w38h/

Currently based in the USA, Jackie Leyra continues to draw inspiration from her Caribbean roots, infusing her artistic pursuits with the essence of her cherished memories and experiences.

Roy Stephenson

Roy Stephenson, a Jamaican artist, presents “House,” a captivating watercolour artwork depicting a charming picket house nestled in Gordon Town. This framed piece promises to enrich any space with its reminiscent portrayal.

Explore Roy’s artwork “House” and view at:  https://www.jamaicanproducts.com.au/product/house-49w40h/

Trained and working as an architect in Jamaica, Roy Stephenson brings a unique perspective to his art, deeply influenced by his fascination with historical structures. Renowned for his mastery of watercolours, Roy skillfully captures the essence of Jamaican old shops and houses scattered along the island’s roadsides.

Although now retired, Roy continues to passionately pursue painting from his residence in the UK. He actively engages in exhibitions within the English village where he resides, thereby perpetuating his dedication to artistic expression and cultural storytelling through his beloved medium of watercolours.

Jamaican Products eagerly awaits your feedback on this inaugural instalment of the series celebrating Jamaica in Art.


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