First Market Stall Experience

Thinking of something you want to do but never seem to get it all together?

For some 18 months I contemplated having a market stall to promote my products locally. I researched the markets in Sydney, their prices and requirements. I discussed this with a friend as we responded to job ads. Then she got a part time job which left me thinking having a market stall was not a one woman act.

I kept busy attending free courses, workshops and boot camps organised by Council and various government agencies promoting small businesses. Then early September one of the business advisers challenged me to organise a market stall by myself. What an eye opener! I took the challenge on and immediately booked a market stall at Gordon for Sunday 12 October. Thanks Lisa.

Two day before I panicked, who was there to help me and how would I display my wares. I asked three friends, my mother-in-law and daughter for help. My daughter, mother-in-law and a friend agreed. What a relief, I would not be alone. Now want about props to display my goods? As a competent handy woman it was off to Bunnings to buy wood and paint to construct a yellow stand. I also bought a portable chair to give the feet a rest.

I forgot about pricing the goods and remembered it is best to pack before going to sleep. All ready I was in bed by 3am and up by 5am. Would 2 hours sleep be enough to last a day on my feet? Last minute my husband volunteered to transport me to and from the market allowing me to sleep during transit.

My daughter was there before 5:30am to help me set up then she took the photo. My mother-in-law helped me tend the stall and was my first customer. My friend arrived before mid-day and stayed to help me pack up.

What a day! I had forgotten my business card at home but gave out samples of the jerk seasoning with my website and contact details. $4.75 was left from sales after paying for the market stall. I have learnt from the experience and am busy preparing for my next market adventure on Sunday 9 November.

Visit me at the Gordon Markets on Sunday 9 November 2014 and let me take a photo with you to post on my blog. It will be second experience as a stall holder. The lessons learnt from my first will make me better prepared all round, thus the next pics will be better.

Christmas gift ideas will be on display so why not take a look. The Gordon Markets is located on the second floor of the Council Car Park in Wade Lane, between Gordon Railway Station and Gordon Shops on Pacific Highway.

See you then.

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