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Iconic Jamaican beverages and soup mixes. Enjoy 'Ting' the grapefruit soda born in Jamaica. The Regular Ting and Pink Ting make memorable cocktails. Other beverages include Ginger Beer, Sorrel and Strawberry Syrup.

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Pink Ting, a grapefruit beverage, adds an interesting colour to many drink mixes. Why not create your own combination?

$5.75 incl. GST

Ting, a memorable carbonated grapefruit drink great with Jamaican spicy food.

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$5.75 incl. GST

Old Jamaica ginger beer made with authentic root ginger

$24.00 incl. GST

Sorrel cordial provides an easy way to create the traditional Jamaican Christmas drink. Just add water or soda water!

$12.50 incl. GST

Strawberry Flavoured Syrup is a favourite among Jamaicans to add flavour and colour.


Jamaican Spicy Cock Soup - chicken flavoured noodle soup mix.