Ackee & Salted Fish

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Ackee, saltfish and other Jamaican favourites such as bammy, Solomon Gundy, guava jelly and guava jam.

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Key ingredient for the Jamaican National Dish - Ackee and Salt Fish


8 cocktail sized bammies per pack.


More than just to eat with bread and crackers! Drizzle over desserts for decoration and taste. A Jamaican favourite.


Solomon Gundy, a Jamaican red herring pate, can be used as appetizer, made into a dip or added to seafood or pasta.


Saltfish (dried and salted cod fish or baccala) is an essential ingredient of Jamaica's national dish 'ackee and saltfish' and many other treats such as Codfish Balls.


Saltfish - with bones, essential ingredient in Jamaican national dish 'ackee and saltfish' and other dishes