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Pink Ting

Pink Ting – what comes to mind when you say these words? If you are Jamaican, then immediately you are back home with the dialect.  The Jamaican word “Ting” translates into English as “Thing”.  If

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Emancipation Day

Emancipation Day is a national public holiday in Jamaica, celebrated on August 1. Emancipation is the process of giving people social or political freedom and rights.   For the British Colonies in the 1800’s emancipation

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My Jamaican Mom … Wayne

My Jamaican Mom is proud; Proud of her birthplace and her heritage; Proud of what she and her husband have accomplished; Proud of her children, grandchildren, great grandchildren. My Jamaican Mom is strong; Filled with

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Our Mother … Gary

Our Mother was a short woman in height, however she stood very tall in stature, brilliance, resilience, compassion and plain human decency. Mavis Thompson was no ordinary woman. As a mother and home maker, during

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To My Mother … Marco

This year Mother’s Day things will be very different for me. It was one month after Mother’s Day last year 2019 that I started planning what I should give my mother for her birthday. We

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Reflecting on Daphne … Celia

When my Mom, Daphne Innerarity, married my father it became an immediate family of 6, as they had 4 children combined, and were shortly joined by myself and younger brother. Never did any of us

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A Tribute to Mom … Vil + Jos

Mom came into this world with a purpose to teach young ones and to serve her fellowmen. Lorna Charlton was born on March 15, 1916, in Darliston, Westmoreland, Jamaica, and passed away on October 4,

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To My Moms … Eileen

The celebration of Mothers’ Day brings a focus on mothers.  In Jamaica, and indeed in the Caribbean, mother has a special significance being often the only constant and consistent parental figure in a child’s life. 

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