Celebratory Mass

Celebratory Mass for Caribbean family and friends in Sydney.

St Thomas of Canterbury
  • Date:     Sunday 29 October 2023
  • Time:     12:30pm
  • Venue:  Church of St Thomas of Canterbury, 3 Thomas Street, Lewisham 2049, (next to Lewisham train station).
  • Parking: Onsite, enter end of Thomas Street.
  • Officiate:  Fr Gerard Woo Ling (from Trinidad)
  • Lunch:   After Mass, lunch served in Church Hall. Trini Kitchen providing rotis, to order visit:  https://tinyurl.com/yw7nmpux
  • Coming:  SMS name and numbers to Tania on  0416 021 888

Tania reflected that these meetups started in 1986 with her father Bruce McLeod arranging annual Masses to pray for family and friends in Trinidad.  After her father’s death Tania continued the tradition, extending it to the current Celebratory Mass for Caribbean family and friends in Sydney.  The last Celebratory Mass was held in 2019 at Kensington. 

Tania laments the loss of many of her own family and friends since that time.  She reflects on her own diminishing family circle but acknowledges the strength drawn from her Caribbean family. 

CARICOM Countries

We hope you and your family can join us to celebrate and pray for our family and friends both in Australia and abroad in our respective native lands, as we celebrate our Caribbean connection, our heritage and our family and friends. 

Please pass this invitation on to your family and friends who may be interested in joining us! As you know, there is always room at a Caribbean gathering!

Fr Gerard has generously offered the use of the parish hall where we can share lunch and catch up in a relaxed space. 


Please SMS Tania on 0416 021 888 to let her know if you have lost anyone since the last 2019 Mass so they can be included in our Prayers for the Faithful.


For lunch, Trini Kitchen has agreed to make the roti.  To ensure you are catered for, kindly place your roti order at: https://tinyurl.com/yw7nmpux


If you are attending, kindly SMS Tania on 0416 021 888 with the numbers in your party, to help with organising the Mass.

See you there!!

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