Backing Small Business

Who better to discuss the recently published Australian Government “Backing Small Business” booklet with than The Hon Michael MacCormack MP, Federal Minister for Small Business.

Hope Kidd with Michael MacCormack

I attended a free breakfast organised by John Alexander MP, Member for Bennelong, at Ryde Eastwood Leagues Club on Friday 2 June 2017 where Mr MacCormack was the guest speaker.

As a small business owner I take every opportunity to attend talks, workshops and seminars on factors that affect my operations. So it was a pleasure to hear of Government initiatives to support me in my dream of building a successful Jamaican Products business. It is heartening that my 3 person team of me, myself and I, with occasional help from others, is a component of small business making up 99%of all Australian businesses. Even more astonishing is that together we contribute more than $380 billion to the Australian economy. I will remind myself, when the me part of the triad wants to take a break of the importance of pursuing our dream.

My triad is reading their way through the 33 page ‘Backing Small Business” booklet. I appreciate the Federal Government’s backing of small business through lower taxes, simpler paperwork and other initiatives to keep us small businesses in the driver’s seat. I plan to take up Mr MacCormack’s challenge to take advantage of the support offered by Government and see my dream become a reality.

For an audio capture of the breakfast speech visit:


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