Old Jamaica Ginger Beer

Have you ever wondered about the history of Jamaican ginger beer?

John Rackham,  born on 26 December 1682 in the United Kingdom, came to be known as Pirate Calico Jack. His nickname was derived from the calico clothing he wore and Jack the nickname for ‘John.’ Pirate Calico Jack is most remembered for three things:

  • bringing the taste of his motherland ginger beer to Jamaica;
  • the design of his popular Jolly Roger flag, a skull with crossed swords; and
  • having female crew members on his ship.

Based in the Caribbean, Pirate Calico Jack made a career of plundering small vessels close to shore. He and his crew captured the Kingston, a small Jamaican vessel, and made it their flagship. They made several conquests in the West Indies, taking a couple of large ships off of Bermuda.

The Kingston had a rich cargo, and promised to be a big score for Pirate Calico Jack and his crew. Unfortunately for him, the Kingston had been taken within sight of Port Royal where outraged merchants outfitted bounty hunters to go after him. They caught up with him in February 1719 while his ship and the Kingston were anchored at Isla de los Pinos off of Cuba. Pirate Calico Jack and most of his men were on shore at the time, and they escaped capture by hiding in the woods, but their ship and rich trophy were taken away.

In October 1720 Pirate Calico Jack and his crew were easy capture for bounty hunters. They were intoxicated after a drinking party while anchored at Dry Harbour Bay, Jamaica. Brought to Spanish Town, Jamaica, in November 1720, they were tried and convicted of piracy and sentenced to be hanged. Pirate Calico Jack was executed in Port Royal on 18 November 1720.

Ginger beer is excellent on its own, served cold or on ice. Why not try some of Pirate Calico Jack’s special mixed drinks? Try it with beer to make a delicious ‘Shandy, with dark rum for a ‘Perfect Storm’ or with vodka for a ‘Moscow Mule’. Be adventurous and invent your own mixes.

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Old Jamaica Ginger Beer
Old Jamaica Ginger Beer
Jolly Roger flag
Jolly Roger Flag


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