Stanley Steer – Notable West Indian by Jamaican Products

Stanley Steer at work
Stanley Steer at work

Stanley Steer is Jamaican Products featured notable West Indian for January 2016.  For each month in 2016 Jamaican Products featurs a story, told in the form of an interview.

Stanley owns World Beat and has been providing entertainment for various events, birthdays and weddings in and around the Sydney area for over 20 years.  Have a look at the end of the interview for his contact details.

When did you arrive in Australia and where were you born?
I first arrived in Australia in October, 1984.  I was born in the parish of St Mary, Jamaica.  Located in the northeast section of Jamaica, St Mary is one of the smallest parish and one of the first areas to be occupied by the Spaniards after invasion by Christopher Columbus.

What brought you to Australia?
My wife was Australian and I migrated to Australia to be with her.

What features of Australia do you think should be adopted in the West Indies and what features of the West Indies should be adopted in Australia?
I would like to see the West Indies adopt a more disciplined approach to their sports and culture within sports, especially in cricket.  The success of a disciplined approach is evident in Australia’s top ranking in cricket.

I would like to see Australian embrace our love of food, music and overall entertainment.

How did you get involved in music? 
From an early age I had a love for music and started singing in the church.  My entertainment career began when I taught myself to play the guitar.  I worked as a solo singer/guitarist playing folk music.  I also played in various reggae bands around the north coast of Jamaica entertaining tourists.

Who do you admire and why?
Many people come to mind in the music field.  Obviously there is Bob Marley because of his world-wide influence and promotion of Jamaican music.

However the person I admire the most is Nelson Mandela because of what he’s been through and his achievements in spite of the many challenges.

What is your funniest cross cultural story while in Australia?
I went over to my new girlfriends place for dinner one night.  I sat down in front of a rack of lamb, potato and vegetables.  I nearly fell off my chair when I saw that rack of lamb.  I politely said I don’t think I could eat this rack of lamb but I’ll eat the potatoes!!

She must have done something right – because we’re still together.

How has your family contributed to your success?
My grandmother was a big part in my upbringing.  She taught me how to respect people and try to do your best in whatever you undertake.  And as the saying goes and in my case “behind Me there is a good woman”.

Singer Eleni Kokkinos and Stanley
Singer Eleni Kokkinos and Stanley

Having a special function and want Stanley to organise the entertainment?

Give Stanley a call on 0414 364 257.

For further details about performers and to get entertainment ideas, visit Stanley’s website: .

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