Milk River Bath, Jamaica

Milk River Hotel & Spa

Visit the Milk River Hotel & Spa in rural Jamaica as a day guest or stay a few days and enjoy the hospitality.

The Milk River Bath in Clarendon contains high levels of magnesium, calcium, sulphate and natural chloride.  The water is considered among the most radioactive waters in the world.  So patrons are warned to stay in for no more than ten to twenty minutes at a time, and then for no more than three baths per day.

Legend has it that a slave, owned by Jonathan Ludford of Clarendon, was brutally whipped and locked away in a dungeon.  Imprisoned and severely wounded, and vowing never to be a slave again, he broke out of his chains and escaped.  Days later, the man returned to the estate in full health, healed of the wounds he had received only a few days before.

In an effort to convince others to run away with him, he told a tale of a remarkable salty spring in which he had bathed. Everyone who saw him was amazed at his recovery, and soon, word reached the owner of the estate who had ordered him punished.  Ludford himself was astounded at the recovery, and promised to grant the slave freedom if he revealed the location of the spring.  The slave led a party to the location, and Ludford promptly acquired the spring and the lands around it, and started the Milk River Baths.

Upon his death, Ludford bequeathed all the property and land to the government and people of Jamaica to benefit all who needed them. Since the first baths opened in 1794, thousands of people have visited Milk River to heal themselves from a variety of ailments.

The warm waters are especially recommended to those suffering from rheumatism, arthritis, sciatica and nerve complaints.

On your next visit to Jamaica, try something different.  Bath in the waters at The Milk River Hotel & Spa and if possible stay and experience the absolute night time peace and quiet.


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