Jamaican Patties

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This blog is dedicated to Miss Rose, and trust she can send some inspiration my way.

Why I am writing a blog for Jamaican Products? Well, being on holidays I offered Hope some time should she need it, thinking I might need to do some shopping or whatever. Instead she asked me to write two articles for the Jamaican Products Blog, then it got upped to three. So here is Number 1 – Jamaican Patties.

As an Australian cricket lover my knowledge of the West Indies was courtesy of televised cricket matches. It revolved around those many great quick bowlers and outstanding batters along with that new one day game. I had no knowledge of patties or sorrel or rice and peas or rum punch. Living in a Toronto winter I had the urge for an ÔÇťAussie meat pie’. The closet I could get – a Jamaican Patty. I should add I never much liked meat pies so why I wanted one is beyond me. One Jamaican patty and I was hooked. I can’t even recall the exact subway station I used to get off the train to have a patty – maybe Dundas West or maybe Dufferin, but I do remember how much I liked them. I rarely had a patty for many a year but the memory remains. Astounding then, that since that time I have had so many more West Indian gastronomical experiences – but more about that in my Blog 3. Meanwhile I have been tasting some of the patties on trial and soon to be available from this web site. They might even challenge that memory.
By Byrne


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